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Here you will find a small sample of our catalogues, customization options for your facilities and pools in reinforced sheet.

At our facilities, factory and warehouse, our installers will be happy to provide you with more information and professionally personalize your installations.

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Renolit Touch

Alkorplan Touch

3D pool liner inspired by nature. The most robust and resistant on the market

Alkorplan serie 3000

The reinforced membrane in its Mediterranean collection. Adaptable to any shape.

Renolit Serie 3000
Renolit Vogue

Alkorplan Vogue

Comfort and design also in your pool.

Alkorplan Ceramics

Luz y diseño en un resultado rápido, económico,  estético y definitivo.

Renolit Ceramics

Colección CGT

Varied options in decorating your armed sheet.

Projects, rehabilitations and repairs:

  • Technical service and filtration systems
  • Salt electrolysis equipment and dosing systems
  • Renovation and repair of the pool basin with reinforced sheet, special mortars for cracks and grouting.

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