The reinforced sheet, or membrane, is one of the most common alternatives for lining swimming pools. At iPool Center Alicante we are recognized installers of reinforced sheet.

Not all reinforced pool sheets or membranes are the same. Not only does the chosen hue or its aesthetics change, very variable in designs and finishes. We also find important variations depending on the manufacturer. At iPool Center we know how important it is to determine which reinforced sheet is the most suitable for your installation.

Instalación profesional de lámina armada

The installation of reinforced sheet must be carried out by duly trained and certified professionals. For your safety, and to be able to guarantee a perfect performance from all points of view (aesthetic and technical).

The reinforced sheet, unlike the liner, is not made to measure, but rather comes in rolls of different sizes, and is heat-sealed on site depending on the shapes and sizes of the pool. Thermowelding is essential to maintain the impermeability of the structure without problems of infiltration or water leaks. The choice of a good professional, then, is key to enjoying this material.

The professional assemblers of iPool Center Alicante are duly trained and certified by the most prestigious manufacturers of reinforced sheet.

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