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Reinforced sheet: ideal solution for rehabilitation and new construction of swimming pools.

The reinforced sheet is one of the most common alternatives for lining swimming pools. It is taking leaps and bounds in the rehabilitation of swimming pools, even in newly built swimming pools.

At iPool Center Alicante we explain what the reinforced sheet or membrane consists of.

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The reinforced sheet is the ideal solution in rehabilitation to solve water loss problems, at the same time that it serves as a finish, since it has multiple finishes, from, for example, unicolor to those that resemble beach sand or marble finishes.

On our website, you can view the catalogs of the best manufacturers, those who offer us, as specialists, the maximum guarantee and confidence in the installation of reinforced sheet.

If what you are looking for is to enjoy a beautiful pool, without problems and with almost no maintenance, at iPool Center we recommend reinforced sheet because:

1.- It is installed on any surface
2.- It is installed cleanly, without noise and in half the time of any other type of coating.
3.- Its maintenance is almost nil.
4.- It is ideal for renovating swimming pools or for places with difficult access.
5.- Neither the size nor the shape matters.
6.- Great waterproof insulation capacity.
7.- Exceptional resistance to microorganisms, chemical products and UV rays.
8.- Very high degree of customization, as you can choose from an infinite number of designs (smooth, patterned, matte, glossy, textured, etc…).
9.- Very resistant and durable.
10.- The reinforced sheet pools of iPool Center Alicante adapt to all your needs.

At iPoolCenter Alicante we are recognized installers of reinforced sheet.

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