in reinforced sheet: SAMPLE BOOK

Reinforced membrane: ideal solution for rehabilitation and new construction of swimming pools.

The reinforced membrane or sheet is the most widespread pool lining in the world for both renovation and new pools.

Today, it is the system with the fewest drawbacks and the most advantages on the market. Its great visual appeal, its ease of installation, its reasonable price and its total tightness guaranteed for 10 years, have made it the most widely used pool waterproofing system worldwide.

Our installers offer you a wide range of coatings and options, suitable both for aesthetic needs and for more technical resistance or durability requirements, from the best and most consolidated brands on the market, ensuring professional installation by accredited technicians.

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The reinforced sheet is not only the most recommended solution to cover a swimming pool, but as it is perhaps its most visible and striking element, it is the one that will determine the final appearance of the set.

The choice of a specific design or color of reinforced sheet completely changes the appearance of our pool, even the color of the water obtained!

Therefore, the choice is a decisive and fundamental element that should not be taken lightly. We offer you our advisory service in making these decisions. Ask us, let yourself be advised by our experts. More than 25 years and hundreds of satisfied customers support us.

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